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Teaching Tips

Check Out Jaime Richards Teaching Blogs for Home School Teaching Tips

Have you been browsing through teaching blogs looking for home school teaching tips? If so then check out Jaime Richards' blog. It is full of home school teaching tips and insight from an educator who has been successfully changing the lives of his students for decades. Mr. Richards has two books available to help educators and he has contributed regularly to Bay Area newspapers with his What It Takes column. He has a passion for quality education and it shows in his life's work.

Teachers who take the time to research other teacher's methods and tips on teaching blogs are the best kind of teachers. Even parents who are deciding to do homeschooling can learn a lot. Students today do not need educators who blindly regurgitate the curriculum to them. That mindset is part of what has made so many students lose their passion for learning and turn away from higher education. The internet and book stores are treasure troves for educators who want to find new ways to teach effectively and to reach each and every one of their students.

Many people are quick to say that something is wrong with the American classroom but they cannot identify exactly what, much less offer alternatives as to what should be taught. Jaime Richards' book “Missing Pieces: 52 Vital Lessons Our Kids Should Be Learning at School” offers answers to the questions many do not even know to ask. This book, written by an educator for educators, is a series of lessons on how to teach these “missing pieces” to students in 2020. He also speaks to students and other groups as well. He has an important message to deliver. Whether you get it to your teachers and students by book, in a conference where he is talking, or through one on one consultation, you will find that your school is improved after the educators implement his teaching tips.

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