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Getting my own shot and other things I miss

At the peak of my athleticism

Against most pick-up players

Quick starts and stops

And herky-jerk bursts

Enabled me

To get my own shot

I miss that

Along with

Grabbing the rim

High spinning crescent kicks

Developing fast-twitch muscle

Having fast-twitch muscle

Resilient sinew

Firm skin

A fresh face and outlook

Training for an event

Long-range goals

The start of a school year

The energy new students generate

Ideas for lessons

A class to share them with

People who left my life

Times that passed

Rituals that ran their course



Mom, Dad, JT and being one of eight

Kihei as a puppy

Kyrra and Kylene as little girls

And fantasies that were not entirely fantasies

What do you miss?

The white carnation, I learned, signifies "remembrance."

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