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Dr. Salk's anti-humanity quote, Reshma Saujani's astonishing (lack of) experience and three

1. Quote I can't get out of my head:

I'm trying hard not to hate humans (and there enough exceptions - thank you - to ward off total disillusionment), but still...

As a species, we suck so bad.

2. When Reshma Saujani founded Girls Who Code, she didn't know how to code. So many lessons there.


3. Since we just celebrated Read Across America - and because my wife teaches first grade - I read this short bio of Dr. Seuss. (Read Across America is mostly in honor of him.) Here are three things I learned about Theodor Geisel:

-- He made up and popularized the word nerd.

-- At Dartmouth (apparently because of his sense of humor, he wasn't taken seriously) he was voted Least Likely to Succeed.

-- Even though his books are famously simple - Green Eggs and Ham has just 50 words - he typically would tear up and toss out 500 -- 1,000 pages before publishing. (I'm guessing his peers didn't recognize his "never settle" mindset - the dumb asses.)

Dr. Seuss

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