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Missing Pieces Podcast #8 - The Most Underrated Subject

Physical Education is underrated and underappreciated. But it wouldn't be if everyone taught it the way Nels Larsen teaches it.

The key points made by Nels include:

1. Teachers should show students something different. Keep it fresh!

2. Teachers need to keep learning, too.

3. P.E. can give us all a break from our devices.

4. Any exercise is good, but outdoor exercise is great.

5. P.E. pushes us out of our comfort zone on the most basic level.

6. The only way to be truly be comfortable is to first be uncomfortable.

7. When kids appear to be blowing off a lesson, if you truly believe in it, keep teaching it! If they don't get it now, they may get it later.

8. All of us, teachers and students, should keep taking chances and risks.

Nels teaches physical education at Irvington High School in Fremont, California.


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