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Coolest African Proverbs

I found them on Pinterest. Should that matter? Will people judge the quality of the content by the source of the content?

Perhaps, but so what? Why should it matter where you find something that makes you think?

Anyway, I was searching for this quote my friend, Dr. Jan Fry, told me about:

Don’t you love that?

So, by happenstance, I found this very cool site.

Makes me want to go get an education in Africa.

My four favorites:

  1. The axe forgets; The tree remembers.

  2. The lion doesn’t turn around when a small dog barks.

  3. Life is full of questions. Idiots are full of answers.

  4. Don’t set sail on someone else’s star.

I feel like I could write a book on each. How about you? What are your favorites? Which is your favorite?

It might depend on your mood and current situation, but tonight I’m going to go with #4.

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