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My Starfish

Click here to learn about Espacio de Artes and to view a clearer version of the picture above.

Well, officially, My "Sea Star." (They aren't fish)

Regardless, there is so much need! There are so many worthwhile causes and fabulous projects subsidizing them.

So why should you support this one? Why donate a dollar to the Kefi Foundation and Espacio de Artes? Why give $10, $50, $100 or a $1,000?

Because this one is connected to me. I've learned that people give to people, not causes, and this is my cause.

I could write pages and pages about how much Espacio de Artes is needed. About what a difference it will make to the kids of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. About how qualified Mina and Chamba are to lead it.

But I won't. I'll only ask you to trust and believe in it – and me.

Please click the second link to donate.

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