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Starting today, Christmas Day, let’s recommit to the life-enhancing power of positive immersion. What are we allowing to affect us? What are we feeding our minds?

Step one in positive immersion is to be more conscious about what we read and watch. To what do we listen? Into what environments do we place ourselves? With whom do we associate?

Step two is to make excellent choices. When we choose to immerse in high quality, we are more likely to become high quality.

The TED Radio Hour with Guy Raz is outstanding. Listening to it will make you feel better, smarter and wiser. There are a number of inspiring TED Radio Hour programs, but “Courage” is my favorite – so far. Want to improve the world? Need some motivation to speak up and out?

Listen to this.

Extra Credit: Watch, in their entirety, the enthralling TED Talks by Margaret Heffernan, Janine di Giovanni, Kimberley Motley and Leana Wen. You’ll be glad you did.

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