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Lessons from the Screen

If you pay attention, a solid script will have at least one significant moment – maybe even one important enough to change your life.

The Movie:

WE ARE MARSHALL, 2006 (based on a true story)

Setting the Scene:

In 1970, an airplane carrying the Marshall University football team crashed. There were no survivors.

The following year, Marshall's new coach, Jack Lengyel, asked his school's president, Donald Dedmon, to petition the NCAA to allow him to play freshman (which, back then, was not allowed). If his request was denied, Marshall wouldn't be able to field a team. Unfortunately, Dedmon's phone calls and letters to the powers-to-be were ignored.

The Scene: Coach Jack Lengyel: Let me ask you a question. Now, are you married? President Donald Dedmon: Yes, l am. 25 years in May. Lengyel: Twenty-five years. l am willing to bet…that you didn't propose over the phone. Dedmon: No, l didn't. Lengyel: Okay. And l know damn well that she didn't say yes in a letter.

The Lesson:

In a world where even phone calls are becoming obsolete, where almost all communication is texted and e-mailed, the most important messages should still be delivered one-on-one, face-to-face.

Are you bold enough to do that?

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