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Why the World Needs

Why "What-It-Takes"? Why immerse in high quality stuff?

Because who we are is indelibly tied to whom we're with. We become what we watch, listen to and read.

In John Grisham's THE CONFESSION, he writes about what happens not when we're immersed in quality, but what can happen when we're drowned in filth.

"He (his abuser) had all sorts of kiddie porn, magazines and movies, sick stuff he was 'generous' enough to share with me. You cram all that garbage into the head of a little boy, and before long he just accepts it. I thought that, well, maybe this is what kids do."

The Grisham character speaking? A pedophile, rapist and murderer. This immerse stuff works both ways.

But you won't find life's scum here. Instead, we search for the best. The clean stuff. In this case, literally.

Watch it feel better about… everything.

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