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It was the name. Something about it being called "SoulCycle" drew me to it. That and the fact that one opened up a block from my daughter Kylene's West LA apartment. If you haven't heard of Soul Cycle, the headline in Sarah McKinney's February 5th article tells you what you need to know: "SoulCycle's Intense Brand Loyalty Is Driving 85% Growth in Profitability." At $30/class, I've only been twice, yet I'd go back. Not because of the workout – although it's an outstanding one – but I can work out for free. I'd go back for the experience. My daughters and I perspiring together while absorbed by intense music (My favorite: James Blunt's "Bonfire Heart") and the motivating words and wisdom of our instructor, Jenny Canalos.

I was compelled to explore where I discovered this under "Careers":

SANTA MONICA – ASSISTANT STUDIO MANAGERS – FULL TIME We are hiring Assistant Studio Managers in Training for our studios in New York and Los Angeles! Through a positive, motivating and constructive style, the Assistant Studio Manager will provide the leadership and vision necessary to ensure that the studio is exceeding our rider's expectations. They will have a sense of ownership over their studio and will ensure that the SoulCycle brand and culture are always present.

If you want to be part of SoulCycle, they want you to EXCEED their riders' (customers) expectations. "Exceed expectations." If we can teach kids to do that, won't their lives be better? If they can exceed the expectations of their parents, teachers, friends, bosses, customers, sweethearts, classmates, and boyfriends/girlfriends they'll be so valued, so respected, so treasured and even so loved.

Why? Because, too often, people don't even meet our expectations, let alone exceed them. When someone does, it's such rare and precous gift that we don't forget it. Ever. Want to be unforgettable? Exceed somebody's expectations.

It's hard. It will require work. But it will be worth it.

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