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Worldly Advice

From a citizen of the world, Ashley Marie Kendall:

Well, for those of you who don't know me I am a traveler, an explorer, an observer and an avid lover of the sea. It was only a decade ago that I left high school and only 6 since uni. But everything changed when I set to the seas and started working on luxury yachts. In 5 years I've seen no less than 42 countries and I feel as though my path has just started to set at my feet, unwinding into an even windier path of adventures, feats, challenges and beauty. I stumbled upon this other day and it was almost as if someone stole them from my own fountain pen in a past life. I wanted to share, because at the end of the day your life is what you make it and giving it "what-it-takes" doesn't have to be conventional, sound or original. It just has to be you becoming who you are.

"You could say I forgot to make a life. Forgot to get a steady job, or belongings, or a family of my own. I forgot to choose somewhere to be. My parents wonder what will become of me, because the way I've chosen to live fits no pattern they understand. But I created my life. If you choose one path you can't choose another. I'll never wonder why it would be like to sail across an ocean or move to Europe or just take a year off to chill out. I'll never doubt myself in a strange land, never be scared of languages or funky rooms. America's foreign wars won't seem quite as alien as they might have, because of the places I hitchiked when I was barely grown. I won't be cynical about human nature, because strangers have helped me so many times. My ripped suitcase, as it tumbles onto the carousel, is bursting with life. I followed my wanderlust. It bruised me sometimes, and took me to all kinds of highs. Now that my thirst is slaked, I get to start anew." -Elisabeth Eaves, "Wanderlust"

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