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Finding your Marshall

When the great Andrew Young was nine, he got to hear the great Thurgood Marshall speak. It transformed his life. Young couldn’t believe how handsome, smart and eloquent Marshall was. “I never heard a brother talk like that!” Young told us at the Oakland Marriott Saturday night.

The rest is history. Young became the first African-American elected to Congress from the Deep South since Reconstruction. He became the Mayor of Atlanta. He was appointed as the American ambassador to the United Nations. He is one of our greatest living leaders.

And it all started, it was all inspired when Young met Marshall. At the age of nine, Andrew Young found his mentor, role model and hero. Then he became a mentor, role model and hero.

Lesson: Find your mentor, role model and hero. Doing so should be required. Any kid who doesn’t have at least one mentor, role model and hero shouldn’t be allowed to graduate high school.

Finding a Marshall, finding a Young, is that vital.

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