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Find a way!

So often – too often – the default answer is “I can’t.” Then comes the excuse. The rationalization. As in,

STUDENT: I don’t have my homework. TEACHER: How come? STUDENT: My printer ran out of ink. TEACHER: You could have found a way. STUDENT: How? TEACHER: You could have sent your homework as an attachment to a friend and had him or her print it for you.

Usually, we look for a way to NOT do what we know we should do. It’s so destructive! Instead, we should be like nature and find a way. Whenever I find a flower pushing through concrete – it’s more common than you think – I’m reminded that our natural way, the way to ensure our survival, is to FIND a way. Find a way!

Obstacles are ever-present and never-ending. But so is our innate but often overlooked ability to find a way through them.

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