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More on Dodgers' (and former Giants') general manager Ned Colletti. The guy has the dream baseball front office job. He's gone just about as high as a person can go in his profession.

So he must have gone to Harvard, Yale or Princeton, right? Or Stanford. Or, at the very least, Cal!

But no, Colletti went to Northern Illinois University – not exactly a name brand college.

I love it. Colletti, like so many other super achievers, (Oprah, for one) is evidence that it's not the college, it's the person.

A fascinating website to investigate is The College Dropouts Hall of Fame. I'm not advocating that anyone drop out, but I am saying that whatever the successful dropouts know – the list only starts with Gates and Jobs – ought to be taught in school.

Right now, it isn't. If it was, far fewer students would feel the need to drop out!

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