October 13, 2018

The Missing Pieces Podcast returns! Jaime interviews his former student, Anna Chen. Anna is currently a pre-med student at Johns Hopkins. Jaime wonders why so many of his top all-around students are female Asians, so he poses that question to Anna, a female Asian. He also asks Anna about a thought he had while watching CRAZY RICH ASIANS - that pursuing your passion may be a selfish American thing to do that runs contrary to (the more Asian?)"family first" philosophy.

Here is the East Bay Times ar...

In "Student Onus," Jaime argues that for too long, when students don't learn, the onus is on the teacher. Or the curriculum. Or the school. But what about students? What is their responsibility? We need to teach all students what the best students have mastered - how to be an elite LEARNER. This summer, students in the will Bay Area will have a chance to improve their learning skills while pursuing their interests and passions at Aatash's summer "Metaphored" program. It's specifics and projects...

April 16, 2018

The Missing Pieces Podcast #11 is our first interview with former students out there in the world, away from school, doing it! On this episode, D.J. J.D. Whitfield shares his story. Entering Arizona State as an aspiring teacher and golfer, J.D. ended up finding huge success as a radio D.J., currently in Boston at AMP 103.3. 

You'll love his philosophies. You'll love his energy. You'll love J.D.!

April 16, 2018

Preview (with excerpts) of The Missing Pieces Podcast #11 with D.J. J.D. 

Aatash updates the status of the 37.8 Latitude Charter High School and Jaime shares his idea - and frustrations - with his assignment "Research anything you want." 

Show Notes:

I welcome back Aatash and we discuss podcasting challenges, starting things yourself, project-based learning, Aatash's new Latitude 37.8 High School and misplaced student priorities. Join the Missing Pieces in Education tribe and subscribe!

Take a look at Aatash's new charter school, Latitude 37.8 High School.

Here is the letter I sent to my students and parents after a generally, low-priority, ho-hum effort helping out the Sonoma County, California fire-victims. I wanted to express my...

September 25, 2017

Physical Education is underrated and underappreciated. But it wouldn't be if everyone taught it the way Nels Larsen teaches it. 

The key points made by Nels include:

1. Teachers should show students something different. Keep it fresh!

2. Teachers need to keep learning, too.

3. P.E. can give us all a break from our devices.

4. Any exercise is good, but outdoor exercise is great.

5. P.E. pushes us out of our comfort zone on the most basic level.

6. The only way to be truly be comfortable is to first be u...

September 18, 2017

Jaime interviews Danielle Strachman and Michael Gibson, the innovative founders of 1517 Fund. The 1517 Fund is a venture capital firm with a twist - it specializes in funding young founders, specifically 18-25 year-old entrepreneurs (and some even younger). Beyond the basic business of funding start-ups, Danielle and Michael are revolutionaries, and perhaps even insurrectionists. In 1517, Martin Luther questioned and protested the Catholic church's selling of "indulgences," pieces of paper that,...

August 19, 2017

School, as we know it, will soon be obsolete. If we continue to view it merely as a place to deliver curriculum, it already is! So, what should a school be? Besides standard academic content, what should be taught there? On this episode, I talk with my daughter, first grade teacher Kylene Richards, about the most important lessons she teaches - and how we can keep brick and mortar schools relevant.

In this episode, Jaime and Aatash welcome former XQ Super School colleague, Carl Shan. The three discuss Adam Braun's Mission U and the 14 hard and soft skills students most need to master to be attractive in the job market. Later, Jaime and Aatash talk about rigor. What really is rigorous? Jaime argues that A.P. Courses are not that rigorous. 

Here are the links Jaime promised in the pod:

Adam Braun's interview on EntreLeadership

Pencils of Promise


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