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How To Feel Better

“How to Feel Better” It is Such a Simple Internet Search That Says So Much About the Person Typing.

How to feel better these four words carry so much meaning. Most people who are struggling to feel “better” mentally do not understand why they do not feel right to begin with and they do not have to tools to improve their situation. To come to the point of searching the term online means a high level of introspection, and likely a great deal of bad feelings and downtimes. Students across the nation should be taught the skills they need to answer the question “how to feel better”. An evolution in progressive education is a key element in improving mental health education. Jaime Richards's book Missing Pieces addresses the lack of many real-life skills including mental health education available to students today.

Mental health education that is straightforward, non-judgmental, and evolving with new knowledge is key for children and adults alike. The skills to be mentally healthy and happy should be vital elements in any education. A curriculum that does not include life skills is at best, incomplete. At worst it is incompetent and irresponsible to spend years teaching children by the book but not about life and mental health before they are out on their own. Read the 52 Vital Lessons in Mr. Richards' groundbreaking book for tips on how to fill an educational gap in your students before you release them into the “real world” without all the skills they need to be happy and successful as adults. If you enjoy the book and find it works for you, share it and book Jaime Richards for a consultation or as a keynote speaker.

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