Educational Consultant

Jaime Richards is Your Educational Consultant in 2020

Are you looking for an educational consultant to bring change to your educational facility this year? Are you on the hunt for someone with a clear vision for what is missing in today's classrooms and how to rectify it? If you are looking for someone to not only motivate your teachers, but also offer them lessons on how to implement change, and if you need a keynote speaker or a one on one consultant contact Jaime Richards to see if there is an opening in his schedule in the time you need a speaker for your event. He also speaks to groups of youth about the lessons in his books, news column, and blogs if you need a passionate speaker for your students.

The movement to improve education across the nation begins with a small group at a time. When something works well it catches on. Find out why the lessons in his book are catching on across classrooms in the Bay area and the rest of the country. The first step is spreading the information to the right people, and the second is those people (the teachers) implementing it into their own teaching style and classrooms. Then when parents and other teachers see the changes more educators will want to try to fill in the missing pieces that Jaime Richards writes about in his newest book as well. The spread of knowledge about what is wrong and missing from our educational system can spread and improve education for future generations starting today with each teacher who cares enough to try to evolve and grow into a more progressive well-rounded educator.