Missing Pieces

52 Vital Lessons Our Kids

Should Be Learning at School

Too often, what's "taught" in traditional classrooms is boring, irrelevant and

useless. Missing Pieces

are the lessons that should be taught in schools—

what it takes to be happy, successful and fulfilled.

What it Takes

A Teacher's Thoughts on Living an Extraordinary Life

"What It Takes" is a collection of readers' favorite columns, 

divided into five sections:

1. What it takes to parent

2. What it takes to teach

3. What it takes is tough

4. They have what it takes

5. Miscellaneous takes on what it takes

Each column is a mini-lesson on what it takes to live life well. Jaime's sources? Students and adults who have what it takes!


Kids Can't Write

Be an exception. Learn to write

and you won't be part of the crowd!

To purchase Kids Can't Write, contact Jaime here


Living the Decision

A Pocket Guide to Cramming 72 Years of Living Into 27

When Phillip Bennett was 10 years old, he was diagnosed with a degenerative neuromuscular disorder called Friedreich's Ataxia (FA). Unexpectedly, his life was thrust onto an entirely different and considerably shorter path than the one he thought and hoped he'd travel. In Living the Decision, Phillip shares how, with help of family and friends, he coped and sometimes thrived while enduring the degenerating effects of FA.