What Should We Talk About?

My favorite part of teaching was sharing evocative passages, affecting scenes, meaningful lyrics and innovative ideas with my students. We’d read, watch and listen to them, then think, talk and write about them.


It kept me from the curriculum. But then I’d think, Why isn’t this the curriculum? This is what kids need to learn! For example, after watching the scene where Tom Hanks scolds Geena Davis in A League of Their Own,


“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great!”


I’d share it with students and explain why I showed it to them. And now I’m sharing passages, scenes, lyrics and ideas with you with the goal of getting a thought-provoking, life-enhancing conversations started.

A REAL AP Class – Inspired by Former Students

If the seniors at our school didn’t have to take my Economics and Government course – it’s a graduation requirement – most wouldn’t. This isn’t me lacking confidence in what I teach. It is me recognizing that the name of my class isn’t prefaced by two critical letters: AP. Economics and Government isn’t an advanced placement class. Thank goodness. Thank goodness because AP courses are nothing like what the College Board (their creator) claims them to be – “rigorous college-level curricula and assessments to students in high school.” In reality, although they may be rigorous (depending on how you define that term), AP courses are unlike any college course I ever had. Typically, college course

My son-in-law taught me how real entrepreneurs think

After WWII my father went to work for The Golden Rule. Today, we know that company as J.C. Penney’s. Dad managed ever-larger Penney’s stores for over 30 years. Then he retired. His last store didn’t look at all like his first. Still, he stuck with the company throughout all the changes, from the small town main street locations to the sprawling suburban shopping malls. Dad was a solid employee – loyal and valuable. His career is probably why I never thought of myself as anything but a future employee. Make myself attractive with education, hard work and a positive personality and employers will fight over me, I thought. That was the goal. Never once did I consider starting and running my ow

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

I like my backpack. At first, I liked it mostly because my daughters gave it to me as a Fathers’ Day present. “You can take it with you to Nicaragua,” they said. So I did. Twice. And despite the beating it took there, it remains fully functional. It looks like they gave it to me three days ago, not three years ago. That’s why I not only like my backpack, I respect it. Before I got it, I had vaguely heard of a Patagonia. I knew it was a somewhere in South America and that it was a must-experience destination for adventurer travelers. After I got it, I learned more details about the area for which it’s named. Patagonia is a rugged yet stunningly beautiful region that includes two countries (

Kids Can’t Write

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What it Takes

What It Takes, the book, is now available. “What It Takes” is a collection of readers’ favorite columns. It’s divided into five sections: 1. What it takes to parent 2. What it takes to teach 3. What it takes is tough 4. They have what it takes 5. Miscellaneous takes on what it takes Each column is a mini-lesson on what it takes to live life well. Jaime’s sources? Students and adults who have what it takes! Purchase HERE.